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Technical Experience You Can Count On

J-Gray has been providing Information Technology consulting services to small businesses and individuals for over 15 years, including work in the following areas:

-Business Network Administration

-Selection, Installation and Support of:

      ·Computer Hardware and Software

      ·Wired and Wireless Networks

      ·Home and Personal Electronics

-Virus and Malware Removal and Prevention

-Drone Aerial Photography  


Local Support You Can Count On

With a focus on clients in the Greater Philadelphia/ New Jersey region, J-Gray can handle your IT needs on-site, over the phone, or through remote connectivity.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

J-Gray Technology is fully licensed and insured, and is pleased to provide references from current and past customers.



Computer Installation, Repair and Support

Let J-Gray help you with your computer issues.  From software installation to hardware replacement, J-Gray has you covered.  Installation of wireless and wired networks helps keep you connected everywhere in your home or office.  Issues with viruses and malware?  J-Gray can remove infected files and install programs to help protect your computer against future outbreaks.  J-Gray can help make your computer yours again.


Business Network Administration

J-Gray can get your business up and running with the latest hardware and software solutions for today’s connected needs.  With substantial expertise in support and administration of Windows Server domains and Microsoft Exchange, installation of network infrastructure, software installation and support, spam and virus protection and data backup and recovery, J-Gray can be there to assist you every step of the way.


Electronics Support and Repair

 J-Gray is there for you and your personal electronics.  Broke your screen or just need some assistance figuring out how to send that picture to your friends and family?  J-Gray has you covered.  J-Gray can also help with connecting, mounting, installing TVs and other home  electronics. 


Aerial Photography

Need a few shots of your home or building?  Wish you could see the condition of your roof without pulling out a ladder and risking a fall?  J-Gray can take stunning high resolution photos and videos to give you an entirely new perspective.

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